The team shortly after making first land in Paamiut, Greenland

Team picture in FA Jackets

Expedition Leader

Captain Reverend Bob Shepton
Age 77; British/Scottish; Arctic advisor and ice pilot

125,000 miles of sailing. including circumnavigation via Antarctica & Cape Horn; Leader of six Tilman expeditions to arctic Greenland and Canada (9 arctic sailing expeditions and 13 Atlantic crossings in total);

26 personal first ascents (alpine, rock climbing and ski)

Member: Royal Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club, Alpine Club and Arctic Club

Qualifications: Mountaineering Instructors Certificate; British Association of Snowsports Instructors; Professional Yachtmaster Ocean

Awards: Winston Churchill Fellow 2000, Piolet d’Or 2011, Blue Water Medal 1995, Tilman Medal x 2, Goldsmith Medal for Exploration

More information on Bob’s official website.

Favorite piece of big wall gear: Glass of wine and a good book (snuggled in the cabin of my boat of course!) Except for when I join the lads. Then it’s my vintage Scottish guns!


The climbers (in alphabetical order)

Steve Bradshaw
Age 29; South African; Rock climber/Investor


Expeditions: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Namibia, China

8c Sport, 8b Boulder, 7a Trad

Ascents of Half Dome and El Capitan (including an 11-hour speed ascent); ASA certified sailing skipper with experience captaining in California and New Zealand

More information on Steve’s travel blog

Favorite piece of big wall gear: Quick draws, because I can look at them and pretend I’m on a friendly sport route!


Dave Glass
Age 32; South African; Payments Specialist

Dave Glass

Expeditions: Kenya, Namibia, USA, Madagascar, France, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Australia

7c Sport, 7b Boulder, 7a Trad

Yosemite big walls; South African / Madagascan walls; 8,500 ocean miles of sailing

Favorite piece of big wall gear: My trusty wall radio belting out 80’s rock.  Don’t stop… Believing…


Clinton Marteningo
Age 37; South African; Rope access specialist


Expeditions: India, Mt Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, USA, Spain, South Africa

8c Sport, 8b Boulder, 7c+ Trad

Free climbed Free Rider on El Capitan, Half Dome virtually onsite free (one fall), first ascents of several 8b+ and 8c sport routes in South Africa

Favorite piece of big wall gear: Doesn’t matter because I’ll probably drop it anyway!

Interview with Clinton and an older, longer one


Andrew Porter
Age 36; South African; IT programmer

Expeditions: Thailand, Czech Republic, USA, Namibia, Nigeria, Mt Kenya, the Alps, South Africa

7a+ Trad, 7c Sport

Free climbed Half Dome in a day; 4 ascents of El Capitan, including The Nose in a day

Favorite piece of big wall gear: a #6 cam and the off-width that comes with it. Bring it on!

Interview with Andrew

  1. Maria Martinengo said:

    Safe journey everyone. Don’t lose your gloves. To our nephew Clinton. – Keep safe and keep in touch.

  2. onestrangelifeblog said:

    You need a woman on that team….I’ll be right over….LOL. Wonderful you guys get to do this, thanks for sharing this. Great photos.

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