Our trip outline is as follows:

– One month to sail across the Atlantic and up the coast of Greenland

– Two to three weeks of exploration and route development in Greenland

– Five days to sail to Baffin Island, Canada

– One week of exploration and route development on Baffin Island

– Two months to sail and explore the NW Passage, ending in Alaska*

* If the ice doesn’t let us through the NW Passage we will spend more time in the Baffin Island and Arctic Bay areas before crossing the Atlantic back to the UK

Planned route


Map of Upernavik, Greenland


Important Dates:

June 8, Depart Bob’s cottage in Appin Scotland to cross the atlantic (16-18 days)

June 26, First land in Paamint, Greenland, 10 more days to get up to Upernavik

July 6, Reach Upernavik (site of Belgian 2011 routes). Spend 2-3 weeks opening routes in the area

July 26, Leave Upernavik for Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, trip across channel takes 4-5 days

July 31, Reach Pond Inlet. Spend a week opening routes. Keep a lookout for good ice conditions in NWP

August 8, Leave Pond Inlet and begin NW Passage. Head to Cambridge Bay 10-15 days – most difficult ice flows here

August 23, Reach Cambridge bay. Resupply and head for Beiring Straight

September 23, Round Beiring Straight and reach Nome, Alaska (port of entry to USA). 10 more days to Kodiak

October 3, Reach Kodiak where Bob plans to winter the boat. Take 10 hour ferry down to Anchorage and fly home!

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