A short video on some of the gear we took with us to the arctic.  Once again thank you First Ascent, Beal, Black Diamond, Saltic, MCSA, Gina Watkins, Shipton Tillman / Goretex, Clif Bar, Vega Products and Five.Ten.



We’re doing a few slideshows around South Africa over the next couple of months. As an added bonus, we’ll also be showing Steve’s awesome film of the trip.

Herewith the dates:

Tues 23rd October
MCSA Cape Town
97 Hatfield St
7:30 for 8pm
Bouldering wall open from 6pm
Liquid refreshments will be available

Wed 7th November
MCSA Durban
7:30 for 8pm

Wed 14th November
MCSA Johannesburg
7:30 for 8pm

Hope to see you there!

Not our videos but wanted to share these two amazing captures of the aurora borealis, one from Tromso, Norway and the other from the International Space Station. Our experience of it was less green and slower moving but still incredible. Happy watching!

Tromso, Norway


Our first video release from our four month epic! We’ve entered it into the Local is Lekker Film Competition which runs alongside the Reelrock tour. We’ll release the full 40 minute feature online once we’ve completed our presentations for the Mountain Club of South Africa.

Come support us if you can! We’ll post dates here shortly.

(Update via Sat Phone)

Yeehah! Today we passed through the Beiring Straight, thus finishing the North West Passage (by all accounts). We’re holding off on celebrations though until we hit the port of Nome tonight (watch out Nome!) As a side note, the town of Nome received its name from a cartographer who miscopied the lable “Name?” that a previous map-maker had scrawled on an early chart..

The last 24 hours aboard Dodo’s Delight have been eventful. It started out with a resounding whack to the stern of the boat. Andrew, who was at the helm at the time got an unexpected splash over him, felt the whack to the boat, and looked out just in time to see a whale swimming away. Ouch, and sorry whale. Dodo’s Delight seems to have come through okay, allthough Bob did go out on deck to check the life raft.

Yesterday, after 84 days in the Arctic, we crossed southwards over the Arctic Circle line (66.6 degrees North). No palm trees or cocktail drinks yet though – instead we were greeted with strong tail winds, miserable rain and generally stormy weather. Yesterday the winds were strong enough to tear a giant hole in our main sail (about 2 metres across). Luckily, the rip was low down so the sail can still be used with two reefs. At one point the storm nearly pushed us all the way into tomorrow as we skirted the international date line that runs through the Beiring Strait.

Our #3 sail also jammed and was flapping around, so we removed it and stowed it in Dave’s cabin. Things are getting a little tight in there!

As mentioned, we are now on the final stretch and should make it into Nome tonight. (The final tin of rice pudding has been set as a prize for the person who correctly estimates our ETA) Here we will check into Alaska, and will attempt to winter Dodo’s Delight.