Arctic Dreams: Full Video

Since Andrew’s Rock and Ice article comes out this month, I figured it was a good time to upload our full video to the interwebs. I’m going to do one last edit for a few film festivals next year so please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas.


Also I came across this amusing list of animals we saw and ate during the trip that we never published:

Musk ox
Musk rat
Caribou / reindeer
Arctic fox
Arctic hare
Phosphorescent jellyfish
Pilot whale
Humpback whale
Beluga whale
Bowhead whale
Arctic char (the one that got away)
Snow goose (This one didn’t get away!)
Bearded seal
Ringed seal
Many other unknown whales, seals, fish and birds!
Alas no Polar bear – as far as we know we’re the only boat that made it through last year without a sighting… boo

Musk ox
Whale meat and blubber
Seal meat and blubber
Narwhal blubber (Muktuk)
Amershuk (the fish that saved Greenland apparently)
Dried arctic char


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