SA Mountainated

Congratulations Andrew for his feature in SA Mountain.  Almost forgot that we climbed something on the trip it’s been so long!

Here is an excerpt of the article from their website

Below me are 29 pitches of free climbing on a new route on the so-called ‘Impossible Wall’ in Greenland. We are on day nine of our push up the wall. Above lies a wet, mossy chimney capped by a large wet roof. Dave Glass and Clinton Martinengo are hauling below – we have packed our portaledges for a final push to the summit. Steve Bradshaw had put it really nicely as I started the lead, ‘This one’s for the team, Andrew.’
I shuffle my way up the mossy wetness, trying to stick the foot smears, and struggling to stick hand jams in a perfect-sized crack. The roof gets closer, and I see a wet traverse under it leading to the left. It will involve underclings on wet rock to exit onto a small grassy ledge. I cannot see it, but I know that the ledge will home a nesting seagull, ready to protect its young with warm fish puke aimed at my face (at this point virtually all of  our gear reeks of semi-digested tuna).  Read more...

COVER IMAGE: Steve on the upper flake pitch belayed by Dave. Photo Andrew Porter
INSET IMAGE: Andrew in his element on the offwidth pitch. Photo Clinton Martinengo


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