Introducing our floating base camp

Welcome to the Dodo’s Delight, our very special home base for the last few months.

The boat is 10m in length and sleeps 5 comfortably (well, fairly comfortably). We have a lot of climbing junk that is stashed in the forepeak next to Dave’s berth. Several months of food is stored in big lockers below the beds.

We have both solar and wind power, although on most occasions the engine is needed to give the batteries a good charge. We have three separate GPS plotters (all with slightly different roles and charts) and a few portable spares.

The stove is gimballed so you can cook in rough seas and runs on propane fed from a tank at the aft of the boat. It has a nice grill for toasting sandwiches along with a convection oven to bake bread. Clean water feeds from a tank at the fore, although we use bottles which we refill to keep track of stores. Washing up and some cooking is done with sea water to conserve our fresh supply.

In short, the Dodo is a well-worn but sturdy little vessel that packs some charm for its size. Perfect for a little adventure.


  1. Nicky said:

    I have absolutely loved following your adventure , your stories and your photos – what an opportunity of a lifetime !

  2. John Bradshaw said:

    Cool tour – Can we see the deck? Looks like Clinton and Andrew can get pretty cosy

    Nice one!


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