Changing our underwear

(Blog Post via Sat Phone)

Greetings from chilly Resolute, a small outpost located in the Western half of Lancaster Sound.

This week we sailed though the northernmost point of our Arctic Journey (74 degrees 47 minutes North). Strong Westerly winds and snow gave us a rather rough time in getting from Pond Inlet, up Navy board inlet, across to Beechy Island and then to Resolute bay. We’ll post more on Beechy Island and our snowy sailing experiences when we can upload the photo’s.

From Resolute we’ll be heading back South towards (hopefully) warmer climes – though Peel sound, Kind William Island and to the famous Gjoa Haven.

If you’re wondering about the title of this post, there is apparently an old Scandinavian maritime tradition of changing underwear upon heading South. Of course the crew of Dodo’s Delight are only too happy to oblige!

  1. Justin said:

    Good to hear all is well and that you are smelling fresh again 🙂 Hi to all and good luck with the weather!

  2. Natanya Mulholland said:

    loving the news. Come home safely, Natanya

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