Into the North West Passage

We are now 2 days into the North West Passage.
An update to the ice charts late on 8 August suggested we go for it! A rapid departure saw us heading west into Navy Board Inlet. This had some ice in, but a lot less than expected. For most of the way, a clear channel of water a few hundred meters wide allowed us to head northwards at 6 knots. To our right, we had the shores of Bylot Island, and to our left, an apparently impenetrable band of ice. For a few sections, we had to sneak through ice of about 1/10th. This was really exciting, and at times we had to slow down to allow for sharp turns through narrow gaps in the ice.
This led to a pleasant anchorage in Tay Bay. Here, we set foot onto the shores of Bylot Island to refill the fresh water tanks from a glacial stream.
A bumpy ride followed, taking us across to the northern end of Lancaster Sound. We have heard from another boat in the area that it is possible to pass the ice within Lancaster Sound on its northern side, so that will be our next objective. At over 74 degrees north, we are now as far north as we will go! (Updated via the Sat phone)

  1. said:

    Delighted. Keep safe. Must be awe inspiring. Love O’ J. T P
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  2. Hettie Glass said:

    We wish you a good trip. Very exciting what you experiencing. Following you in our minds.
    Hettie and Ian

  3. Julia said:

    Good luck boys!!! Thinking of you all!
    Shoo we had some epic winds at Giant’s Castle this last w-e. Not a whole bunch of ice-climbing, but a very memorable w-e!
    Have fun! J.

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