Birthday on Baffin

(Sat phone post)

We have reached Baffin Island! We have found and anchored under Bob’s birthday gift to me… his impressive “wall of terror”. Today might be my last birthday…

It has take just over 4 days to complete the voyage from Greenland to reach Pond Inlet on the eastern coast of Baffin Island. The voyage itself has been mostly uneventful. Overcast conditions kept us mostly below decks. One positive aspect though is the daylight – at sea, with no mountains to cast shade, the sun really is out there for the full 24 hours. The midnight shift at the helm has been fairly pleasant. On the not so positive side, all of us (except Bob) felt the effects of being at sea again (for the last month, we have either been on land, or on calm waters within fjords).

Baffin Island has welcomed us with mountains and glaciers rising out of the mist. It is awesome to be here (pictures forthcoming).

It has taken a few days, but we finally seem to have sorted out the weatherfax machine so that we can receive daily ice charts. Currently the way ahead through Lanchester Sound is blocked, but it now has less ice in it now than when we left Greenland, so we hope to be able to push into the Northwest passage soon.

The lads have devious birthday plans for me tonight – wish me luck!


  1. Hey Andy, I work for a social media company in Jackson, WY called OuterLocal. We re-post (and encourage others to post) the outdoor adventures that are taking place in the blogosphere. We would love to have the opportunity to repost from your blog, and would make a specific “Arctic Dreams” username and password so that YOU get the credit. Users also have the opportunity to make micro-donations to you via paypall from our “BUY EM A COFFEE” and “BUY EM A BEER” buttons. Please email me if you are interested, it would be great to have you guys on board (no pun intended). Thanks, and keep up the great sailing and climbing -Ilka Hadlock,,

  2. Hey Andy, Just wanted to say Happy belated birthday for last week. I just started following , saw your post & had to smile as I share the same birthday ! Theres only a few of us in the world born on that fabulous day so had to say Hi 🙂 -hope you had a good one 🙂 love the blog-keep posting !

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