Party in Disko Bay

Dave joined us yesterday and quickly set about upping the team psyche. After making him walk the two miles from the airport (good training really) we celebrated on the boat with fresh meat, rubarb crumble and yet another viewing of Vertical Sailing (the legendary Belgian movie that started it all).



The next day we woke up early and headed northwards through the iconic Disko Bay, home of the largest glacier on the west coast of Greenland, Illuliasat (Jacobshaven under the Danish). Illulisat continually sheds massive icebergs into the sea and soon we were weaving our way through fantastical towers, triangles and blocks bathed in arctic sun.



Dave brought along with him the only real musical talent in our group and we enjoyed (well some of us anyway!) our first jam/instruction session on the boat.



It didn’t take long for Steve to realize that his shift could be a whole lot more interesting if we were to try scale one of the smaller bergs and soon he convinced Bob to call a halt to our progress when a suitable one came into view.

Our berg in all its glory


A few minutes later we had the dinghy inflated and put on our special arctic suits that we picked up for a great price in town.


We made a tentative landing on the slippery surface and hacked some slopey steps to near the top. Getting over the summit cornice proved a little more tricky than we’d expected and Bob had to turn away a few times in disgust at our poor ice climbing form. But, in such a fashion, the berg succumbed and we achieved our first summit in Greenland! We’re hopeful it’s a first ascent…

Making up for bad skills with good teamwork


On top at last!


P7040055 Censored 2.jpg




  1. Craig said:

    hahahaha… classic! You guys are nuts! but thanks for censoring… 🙂

  2. Hettie Glass said:

    Dave, your mother is watching!

  3. Julia said:

    There’s no ways Ningo got into that water. Not a chance. Always need a camera-man not to swim, hey! But I’ll be super impressed if he (you) did take a plunge – I may just need photographic evidence! Hugs to all you shivering okies!

  4. Alex said:

    Nice one! Censorship for modesty or to avoid embarrassment in the cold temps?

  5. Bernard said:

    Man, that last jump and swim must’ve been cold 🙂 – impressive icebergs, looks magical.

  6. South African made gear once again proves its quality under extreme conditions internationally – even the birthday suits perform!

  7. andrew pedley said:

    the pictures say it all! MAD, ORIGINAL AND BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dawn Larsen said:

    keep the pics coming you guys look like you having a ball……looks amazing 🙂

  9. Jan Talma said:

    Congratulations on the amazing Climbing Success! Great Ambassadors for Arctic Conservation.

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