the Arctic O

We have just penetrated the arctic circle. This means we are now north of 66.3 degrees latitude, the point at which the sun never sets on the summer solstice (June 21). Weather has been misty and drizzly for the last few weeks, but Bob assures us this means we have 10-15 good days coming up. Perfect if he’s right, since Dave joins us tomorrow and we should hit the rock in 3 days time. The excitement is building as we wait for his arrival here in Aasiaat.

Iceberg. Yes we have plans…


Glorious sunset at sea


Finally, we discover why they call it Greenland! Pretty houses dot the hills in Sisimiut



Selecting a rifle! A 30-06 caliber did it in the end



Clint bouldering right in the middle of town, Sisimiut


Where to go when you want a cup of coffee and wifi in Greenland!


1 comment
  1. Hettie Glass said:

    We wish you guys all the best on this great adventure. Dave’s mom

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