Shotgun stop in sisimiut

Quick pitstop at Sisimiut, a scenic town nestled amongst some big mountains. Main task is to pick up a rifle to carry on board for when we go through the NW Passage (in case of bear attack). We’ll spend two nights here, explore the hills and do some bouldering. Then it’s on to Aasiat to pick up Dave and a few more days to reach Upernavik. Then it’s time to get our big wall on!

On our way up the coast we took a detour up a cool fjord in Humbougerland (sp?) where we saw these great looking cliffs and glaciers.





Handy Andy takes in the cliffs


We also got to pull out our climbing shoes for the first time on some low cliffs we found near Paamiut




The view from our bouldering spot


Lots of the houses have these cool Dr. Seusian antlers above the front door


Another dreamy iceberg floats by


  1. Sean Villanueva said:

    Great stuff boys! Don’t go downgrading our boulders now! Rrrrrraaaaackkkk!!!!!

    • capetownsteve said:

      Don’t worry Sean. The legendary Belgian trip shall be upheld as a beacon of light, a standard of ultimate truth! One day we all want to grow up to be Belgian!

  2. Julia said:

    Nice one! Shout if you need me to get anything to give to Dave. I think he’s coming through town tonight…

  3. John Bradshaw said:

    I think you will find that is ‘Hamburgerland’

  4. Mike Bradshaw said:

    That iceberg looks like the top of a mans head as he walks left to right along the sea bed! Sounds like you guys are having a brilliant adventure. Good luck and keep safe. Dad

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