Ice off Greenland

We are now bobbing along slowly south of Greenland, and will soon begin sailing northwards along the western coast. The wind has died down, and we have a limited amount of diesel, which we are now conserving for critical moments such as navigating fjords. So, with limited wind, we are left to move along slowly, currently at about 3-4 knots. Fortunately in the right direction at least.

No land has been sighted yet. Cloud cover all of yesterday prevented that.

Yesterday evening though, we did encounter ice for the first time. The ice pack has extended about 60 miles into the ocean, and even when you expect to encounter either the pack ice, or an iceberg, it is still rather a shock to see a wall of ice appear out of the mist only 400m in front of the boat. We tacked to avoid the ice, but it still took an hour to pass all of it.

Next up, we hope to see some land

  1. Julia said:

    Fantastic! That must have been super exciting! And nearly across the Atlantic hey? Who would have thought you guys could sail as well as climb. But now you can sail, have you forgotten how to climb? (Doubt it!) All well on the home front 🙂 Hugs to you all (even Bob, if he makes me rhubarb pie one day)! J.

  2. Say Hello to Steve for me! I’m Phoebe Wakefield and he used to play Lego with me! Enjoy the sailing and see land soon! xxx

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