Bob, bob, bobbing along…

Just passed the 1,000 nautical mile marker which makes us about 2/3rds of the way across the Atlantic (and nicely ahead of schedule given that we’re only on day 7 of the crossing). Despite being becalmed a few times, the weather has been surprisingly good with tail winds and following swells (in fact, it’s the easiest crossing in Bob’s memory). Let’s hope our luck continues!

Life has been fairly uneventful onboard the dodo. Andrew proved himself the man of the boat by taking a dip in the Atlantic on a particularly cold day. Otherwise, preferred bathing methods have involved a thermos of hot water and some soap applied within the confines of the head. Meals have been simple but tasty affairs involving tinned meats and sauces and pasta and rice. Exercise has taken the form of pull ups on the hangboard and push-ups and sit-ups on deck (all amusingly difficult under the effects of the boat’s motion). Other amusements have included initial hesitant forays into music making (apparently some of us are trying to get onto the next Belgian expedition for which playing an instrument is a requirement!) Otherwise reading, writing, movies and sleep have filled our days fairly effectively.

We’ve had a few pods of dolphin swim alongside the boat for a few hours at a time, often coming within a meter of us. Unexpectedly, you can hear their loud squeaks and chirps below deck like someone playing on a synthesizer, not too unlike the whale songs in the national museum in Cape Town. buueeeeeeeeeeeeee-wweeeeeee-cheep-skitter-buweeeeeep – you get the idea, I hope!

Well that’s all we got time for time for. Clinton’s just cooked up a delicious smelling dinner of spaghetti bolognaise… Over and out.

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