Update from the middle of the Atlantic

We’re now 500 nautical miles and four days into the Atlantic (with the total distance across being 1,700 miles and 17 days roughly).

Time is going verrryyy slowly. We do 2 shifts of 3 hours every day (well, actually 2 shifts every 18 hours) so it almost seems like there are two mini days for every actual day. The motion of the boat has made it virtually impossible to read and write for all except the most experienced of us (read Bob). That said, conditions have eased up in the last day or so, so we’re now getting into some more interesting activities (books, movies, cheese toast, etc).

The highlight of the cruise thus far has been the rhubarb custard crumble Bob made for lunch yesterday. Not only did it taste incredible but it’s an excellent use for the giant cans of rhubarb Andrew enthusiastically loaded into our shopping trolley without checking if the others were into it (and without even being that into it himself!) Luckily, Rhubarb crumble is a first class desert so all is well with the world. Another highlight has been a pod of dolphins swimming with the boat for a few hours in the middle of the night. Very surreal.

Boat has lots of room (none of us can believe that four months of food stowed away with no issues) and sails reasonably well considering how heavily laden we are. The only downside so far has been the self steering not working so we’re having to physically steer the thing all the way across.

Weather has been favourable thus far and so the sea-sickness has been kept to a minimum. Just three bouts of fish feeding in total to date. Steve looked a little green for a few days but has pulled it back respectably.

Bob chuckles at our small bouts of sickness since it’s the best weather he’s ever seen on a northern crossing (of the 13 he’s completed).

Today’s problem is a lack of wind (apparently we’re caught in the Greenland high which is quite unusual). But there are worse problems in the world!

Well that’s all we have time for now. We’ll try post a few updates as we make our way across.

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  1. Silvana Burger said:

    Great to get some news! Stay safe and enjoy! Much love! Silvana. xxx

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