Farewell Scotland!

Departure time has finally come around. In a few minutes we’ll pick up our mooring lines and thread our way through a series of saltwater lochs until we reach the Atlantic. From there it’s about a 16 day sail across to first land (Paamiut, Greenland), depending on storms and wind strengths.

While underway someone will always have to be on watch up on deck which means 3 hour shifts every 9 hours and hot bunking (swapping in and out of the same beds). The beds have boards on the outside (kind of like coffins) so you don’t fall off when the boats doing its thing in rough conditions. Cooking is kept to a minimum meaning lots of canned dinners and peaches and custard (yes we found some space for a good supply of these!) Our first batch of sprouts has matured nicely and they actually taste pretty good, so it looks like we’ll have a steady supply of fresh “veggies” during the trip. So far we’ve sprouted lentils, mung beans, alfalfa and chickpeas.

Unfortunately, over the past few days the weather has turned a little “Scottish” (meaning windy and rainy), so we leave behind a dismal United Kingdom. Hopefully our future path holds some better weather (but unlikely).

Well, that’s all there’s time for now. We should be able to post text updates via our sat phone while at sea.

Tally ho! Keep the home fires burning…


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